Crop Protection Methods

Crop protection is the practice of removing weeds, adjusting weather and eliminating pests. It may include managing everything that inhibit the growth of fruit, vegetables and all farm produce.

It is highly important because through this, higher quality crops are produced and wastage is reduced. The increased crop production through proper crop protection leads to less use of resources like land, water and labor. With less usage of land, biodiversity is preserved. Through this, more farm crops and produce actually reach the markets, keeping the prices low. Continue reading “Crop Protection Methods”

5 Best Reasons to Invest in Organic Agriculture

Organic agriculture is a system that depends on ecosystem management. In this system, the potential environmental and social impacts are highly considered.

As much as possible, synthetic or chemical measures of crop protection are avoided. Instead of using artificial fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, genetically modified seeds and breeds, additives and preservatives, we make use of site-specific management system that maintain and increase long-term soil fertility, prevent pest infestations and crop diseases. Continue reading “5 Best Reasons to Invest in Organic Agriculture”

Importance of Using Post-Harvest Technology and Products

The steps or process of handling crops right after harvest is referred to as postharvest management. We should note that the moment a crop is taken from the ground or separated from its mother plant, its spoilage or deterioration begins.

Post-harvest plays a very important role in crop production as it determines the final product’s quality. If the crops turned out to be in good condition after postharvest it can be sold as fresh consumption. On the other hand, if the crops turned out damaged, these would be used as raw ingredients for processed food products. Continue reading “Importance of Using Post-Harvest Technology and Products”

5 Alarming Facts About Coffee Leaf Rust

If you are a coffee person and you are actually reading this, appreciate your next cup of coffee. As much as you always get that coffee you crave forever. There might come a time that coffee won’t be easy to avail.

Unfortunately, it’s not just us people who love coffee. Over the recent years, coffee rust or “Roya” in Spanish, has been a plague in Central and South American coffee farms. They are notorious coffee-eating plant pathogens that messes up the healthy growth of plants. These have airborne spores making it really a pain to control. Once it has infiltrated your field of coffee, brace yourself for the worst. Continue reading “5 Alarming Facts About Coffee Leaf Rust”