The Primary Causes of Post-Harvest Losses

One of the most serious issues in farming are post-harvest losses. They are caused by
many factors which will be discussed here in this post.This is an alarming problem
because it does not only affect the profitability of farmers but it also affects the supply
chain and therefore the consumers. To put it simply, post-harvest losses can result to
large-scale issues so getting to the root of it should be done. Continue reading “The Primary Causes of Post-Harvest Losses”

What Happens After Harvest

The work of farmers and workers in the agricultural field doesn’t end after successfully
harvesting their crops or produce. At the end of the harvest, there are still some steps to
finish in order to secure their products.

One of the main concerns of farmers is the damage that can happen to the produce
after the harvest. Continue reading “What Happens After Harvest”