5 Coffee Leaf Facts That You Have To Know

Coffee has always been part of our lives. Many individuals even rely on coffee just to get through a busy morning. However, a lot of people are unaware that various parts of a coffee plant actually harbor additional health benefits that are helpful in various ways. With this in mind, we are encouraged to raise awareness in the uses and benefits of another part of a coffee plant – which are the leaves! Continue reading “5 Coffee Leaf Facts That You Have To Know”

Coffee Leaf Rust: How to Win Against It?

Coffee Leaf Rust or “Roya” has been a plague to the coffee industry for many decades now. To think that the coffee industry is the second largest commodity in the market worldwide, this makes it a global issue. Today, there are many initiatives both from the private and public sectors across the world to combat coffee rust and its impact to the industry. Continue reading “Coffee Leaf Rust: How to Win Against It?”