Postharvest Biology and Technology: Postharvest Technologies

The primary objectives in postharvest handling are to keep the produce cool, slow down transpiration and other chemical changes, and prevent physical damages such as bruising and impact in order to delay deterioration.

Postharvest technologies are there to stimulate agricultural production, prevent postharvest losses, boost nutritional value, and increase value of production. Continue reading “Postharvest Biology and Technology: Postharvest Technologies”

What Does it Take to Grow a Healthy Coffee Plant? (Part 1)

Growing coffee can provide a source of employment for many farmers, making it a very
important source of income in rural areas. Aside from its impact on the livelihood of
farmers, coffee growing also helps reduce soil erosion and aids for good watershed

In order to grow healthy coffee plants, there are certain variables to focus on. If you are
a coffee producer and you’re after the quality improvement of your coffee beans, you
need to know the critical factors in growing strong and healthy coffee plants. Continue reading “What Does it Take to Grow a Healthy Coffee Plant? (Part 1)”

Plant Diseases: A Primer on the Nemesis of Every Farmer (Part 2)

For us to be able to come up with an effective plant disease management, we need to first be
aware of how diseases develop in a plant. What really causes plant diseases? What can we do
about these diseases?

We have discussed in the first part of this blog about the disease agents. Aside from these
disease agents (biotic and abiotic), we will be needing to discuss the other elements which
should be present to have plant diseases. Also, we’ll briefly look at some ways to prevent
harvest losses due to plant diseases later on.

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