What Does it Take to Grow a Healthy Coffee Plant? (Part 1)

Growing coffee can provide a source of employment for many farmers, making it a very
important source of income in rural areas. Aside from its impact on the livelihood of
farmers, coffee growing also helps reduce soil erosion and aids for good watershed

In order to grow healthy coffee plants, there are certain variables to focus on. If you are
a coffee producer and you’re after the quality improvement of your coffee beans, you
need to know the critical factors in growing strong and healthy coffee plants.

Climatic Conditions

Where you will grow your coffee plants is crucial in determining the quality of
production. You will have to consider the temperature, precipitation and sun intensity for
coffee farming.

The optimal temperature range of Arabica coffee is 18-21 degree Celsius. The
maximum it handle is up to 24 degree Celsius. Above this temperature, the fruits’
ripening speed up which degrades the coffee bean quality.

On average, coffee plants should receive only up to 1800 hours of sunshine annually.
Your coffee field should have enough shade for better productivity levels.

Here are Five Alarming Facts about Coffee Leaf Rust

Plant Diseases

One of the most troublesome and widespread diseases for coffee plants is the coffee
leaf rust or Hemileia vastatrix. In 2012, there was a coffee leaf rust epidemic across 10
Latin American and Caribbean countries. This has caused massive crop losses.

This is the most challenging part in growing coffee plants as you need to make sure that
your coffee plants are strong and healthy enough to withstand plant diseases like this.

Bionovelus’ CR-10 is an organic coffee rust control fungicide can be your best bet. It
works faster than any fungicide. Farmers only need 2 to 3 applications. Most
importantly, it is the safest fungicide to use as it is 100 percent biodegradable and non-
toxic to both humans and animals.

Learn more about the factors to consider in growing healthy coffee plants on the second
part of this blog.

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