Coffee Leaf Rust: How to Win Against It?

Coffee Leaf Rust or “Roya” has been a plague to the coffee industry for many decades now. To think that the coffee industry is the second largest commodity in the market worldwide, this makes it a global issue. Today, there are many initiatives both from the private and public sectors across the world to combat coffee rust and its impact to the industry.

So, let’s take a look at the developments and discoveries so far in the battle against coffee rust.

Since 2012, the coffee rust crisis has caused billions of dollars’ worth of economic damage in the Latin America and the Caribbean alone.

The World Coffee Research has been focusing since then on applied research around the plant genetics and farm management along with  proper use of chemical controls among coffee farmers. With the funding and support of the U. S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in 2014, they have come up with the following notions and objectives.

  1. To create high-quality, next-generation hybrid coffee varieties which are resistant to rust.
  2. To publish a coffee catalog as guide for farmers to help them understand the different varieties of coffees and how to manage each.
  3. To build a seed and nursery verification program which aims to help farmers gain access to healthy and genetically pure varieties along with the rust-resistant ones.
  4. To have a platform for global research to allow the interaction between coffee genetics and the environment.
  5. To produce a manual for agronomists and technicians in the Central America.
  6. To study on the relationship between how much fruit a coffee plant produces and its susceptibility to rust.
  7. To study on the relationships between coffee microorganisms.
  8. To research on the relationship of coffee leaf rust to shade cover and plant nutrition.

You can follow their progress here.

Meanwhile, Bionovelus has developed a surefire way to combat coffee leaf rust.

Introducing the BioNovelus Solution, the CR-10

CR-10 is an eco-friendly biopesticide which is biodegradable and safe to use at recommended dilution. This outstanding product needs no special protective equipment when being applied. It is specially formulated to kill the rust fungus by just spraying it on the contaminated leaf. It doesn’t just eliminate the coffee rust fungus, but it can also be applied as a protective barrier against reinfection.

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