Coffee Rust: Its Impact on Coffee Industry and What to Do About It

The coffee leaf rust, also known as “La Roya”, is probably the most famous coffee disease because of how it had devastated susceptible coffee farms in almost every coffee region in the world.

Coffee is the second most popular beverage (next to water) with an industry that’s worth over a hundred billion dollars worldwide.

This makes coffee an integral part of the economy of many countries in Central and South America, Africa, and Asia.

Coffee rust has been the worst enemy of coffee farmers across the world for more than a century now. The earliest record of coffee rust epidemic was in 1869 at Sri Lanka. It was a huge outbreak as it reached every coffee-growing region in the world.

Fast forward to the first decade of 2000s, a critical cluster of outbreaks broke across the Americas. Since 2008, outbreaks began to cause major losses in Colombia, ultimately causing a 31 percent drop in coffee production. In Central America, production fell 17% in 2011 to 2014. According to the International Coffee Organization, coffee rust has cost Central America more than $616 million!

The day laborers were not also spared. Because of this drop in production, the demand for coffee workers also dropped as much as 30%.

Coffee farmers continue on their quest of pursuing major strategies to manage the detrimental effects of coffee rust. This global coffee issue challenges researches to developing ecological and economical control strategies for coffee farmers.

Chemical control is one option for the coffee producers. While it is highly effective in managing the coffee rust, applying it incorrectly could contribute to the development of resistant strains of rust.

Moreover, this strategy can be too costly for farmers.

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