All You Need to Know about Biofungicide

Plants can be highly vulnerable to wide range of pathogens. Without proper treatment, other plants nearby can also get infected.  Once creative method for controlling disease among greenhouse and other commercial crops is by using biofungicide.

What is a biofungicide and how does it work?

What is a Biofungicide?

A biofungicide is made up of beneficial fungi and bacteria that colonize and attack plant pathogens. By controlling these pathogens, it eliminates the diseases they cause. This is an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical fungicides. The microorganisms used in bio fungicides are naturally found in soil.

Moreover, using biofungicides in plants is an effective way to protect your plants from pathogens that are becoming resistant to chemical fungicides.

How does it work?

There are few ways in which biofungicides control other microorganisms.

  1. Through antibiosis.

Biofungicides are capable in producing chemicals similar to an antibiotic. These chemicals are destructive for the pathogens.

  1. Through direct competition

Biofungicides grow a defensive obstruction around the roots of the plant, giving it an effective shield from harmful attacking fungi

  1. Through predation of the biofungicide

These biofungicides assail and feed on the harmful pathogen. This is quite useful as it makes the elimination of pathogens easier.

  1. Through building up the immune system of the plant

Using biofungicides stimulates the plant’s own immune defense mechanisms, for it to successfully defend itself from pathogens.

How do you know if it’s time to use a biofungicide?

Biofungicides can’t cure damaged plants. It can only protect a plant from harmful pathogens. Application of biofungicides must be made prior the development of disease.

Early application protects the roots against attacking fungi and boosts development of root hairs.

Biofungicides are used as first line of defense to pathogens. You have to make sure that the biofungicide you use according to the instructions provided by its manufacturer for better results.

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