Crop Protection

The Population Continues to Grow and That Means More Mouths to Feed.
Globally, We Will Need to Feed Another Two Billion People by 2050.

Between 26 to 40 percent of the world’s potential crop production is lost annually due to weeds, pests and diseases.
These losses could double without the use of crop protection practices.

At BioNovelus, we work with farmers to understand their needs. In the field, we listen to them. They are concerned with the escalated need to use evermore toxic chemicals as bacteria and fungi become resistant to the chemical agents they are already using. Vegetable and fruit producers also talk about depletion of the soil’s nutrients, and the reduction of yields due to this and the overuse of chemicals.

BioNovelus offers these farmers a healthier alternative to help them combat bacteria, fungi, and the plant diseases that ruin their crops.