Plant Diseases: A Primer on the Nemesis of Every Farmer (Part 2)

For us to be able to come up with an effective plant disease management, we need to first be
aware of how diseases develop in a plant. What really causes plant diseases? What can we do
about these diseases?

We have discussed in the first part of this blog about the disease agents. Aside from these
disease agents (biotic and abiotic), we will be needing to discuss the other elements which
should be present to have plant diseases. Also, we’ll briefly look at some ways to prevent
harvest losses due to plant diseases later on.

The Plant Disease Triangle

A plant disease is believed to occur in the presence of three key factors, otherwise known as
the plant disease triangle.

1. Susceptible Host Plant

A plant has to be susceptible to some disease for it to be infected.

2. Pathogen

There should be the presence of pathogens which primarily cause a certain disease.

3. Environment

The abiotic agents or the environment should be favorable for the disease to develop.

These three should all be present for a plant disease to occur. Knowing this, we can now be
able to negate the disease by altering any of these three elements. You may want to which are resistant to a disease. To control the presence of pathogens, you can clean the area where they can survive. To change the environment, one way is to adjust the spacing of plants to allow for better airflow.

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Save and Protect the Plants

It is ideal for farmers to have disease-free plants to have better yields and crop quality.

Conducting proper measures should be continuous. Equipping oneself with enough knowledge
is one good way to start. Being able to practice effective preventative measures is what makes
all the difference. If there are diseases present, there can be curative measures like the
application of products that can fight the harmful pathogens.

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