What Happens After Harvest

The work of farmers and workers in the agricultural field doesn’t end after successfully
harvesting their crops or produce. At the end of the harvest, there are still some steps to
finish in order to secure their products.

One of the main concerns of farmers is the damage that can happen to the produce
after the harvest.

To walk you through the factors in the post-harvest procedure, here is a short list.

1. Field tillage

Fieldwork just doesn’t stop in a farm. Farmers use heavy-duty tools and
equipment that can smoothen fields up. Their goal is to remove weeds and break
down soil.

2. Field spraying

After the harvest, farmers also need to make sure that weeds are controlled. The
best crops thrive in weed controlled fields so this one is important.

3. Equipment cleanup

Farmers’ equipment get really dirty and muddy and for it to operate properly, they
should be cleaned up as well. Usually, farmers employ industrial cleaning
equipment to do the job.

4. Product cleanup and protection

This is one the most critical part of the post-harvest process. The primary goal is
to preserve the harvested produce until they reach the market. Luckily, there are
organic products like CR-10 that is perfect for this application.

CR-10 protects the produce, extending its shelf-life and increasing the volume
that reaches the market.

5. Sorting and Packaging

Good produce is separated from bad or damaged ones. They are packaged in
special methods to further prolong shelf life.

6. Marketing

In the marketplace, each trader has different standards. So it’s best to have well-
packaged and good quality produce to delivered to the market.

These are just some of the processes and aspects involved in the post-harvest. Call us
now and let us discuss how we can help you

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